Jeu des Rois de France

“Jeu des Rois de France”, Grimaud, Paris, c.1856

Costume playing cards became very fashionable in France during the 19th century. This beautifully engraved and pleasing historical deck designed in 1856 has French Kings and consorts as the Kings and Queens, with court attendants as the Jacks, all dressed in magnificent period costumes from their respective eras.

Other cards with courts showing contemporary costumes were made by O. Gibert, also of Paris, around the same time.

“Jeu des Rois de France”, B.P.Grimaud, Paris, c.1856

Above: “Jeu des Rois de France”, engraved, hand-coloured, gilded corners, manufactured by B.P.Grimaud, Paris, c.1856 and reprinted c.1891. The manufacturer's name can be read on the Jack of Clubs. Modern reprints are also available. 82x50 mms. Images courtesy Rod Starling.

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