Cadiz style by La Primitiva, Bs Aires c.1905.

Fabrica de Naipes La Primitiva, Buenos Aires, c.1878-1920

La Primitiva, Victoria 3179, Buenos Aires c.1878-1920, manufacturers of paper and playing cards. Also at Moreno 248 and Defensa 125, Bs. As.

La Primitiva was registered as a paper mill in 1878. The cards shown below date from the early 1900s and have the black 'Mercury' tax stamp on the four of cups. The reverse has a red trellis pattern. The design of the cards is based on the Cádiz pattern made by Sebastian Comas (Barcelona) which continued to be imported into Argentina for many years. See later example here.

Cadiz style playing cards manufactured by La Primitiva, Buenos Aires, c.1905
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