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The best Latvian playing cards were produced just after independence, during the period 1921-1942.

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Alfreds Scwedrevitz 1936

Alfreds Scwedrevitz

This pack was issued during wartime, in 1936, under the name “Latvian Red Cross Cards No.7”.

Black Peter, c.1940

Black Peter, c.1940

Black Peter card deck for children printed in Riga during World War II, believed to have been designed by a Latvian artist.

Four Races 1989

Four Races

“Four Races” playing cards designed by Latvian artist Vilnis Rasa in 1989.

Karlis Krauze

Karlis Krauze

Latvian Patience Cards designed by Karlis Krauze, mid 1930s

Karlis Padegs 1936

Karlis Padegs

Karlis Padegs (1911-1940) was a Latvian artist who designed 17 playing cards in 1936 - joker, aces, kings, queens and jacks.

Latvia Art 2003

Latvia Art

Playing cards designed by artist Larisa Kovalass-Kovalevska on the theme of the Latvian folk epic “Lāčplēsis”.

Latvian Playing Cards

Latvian Playing Cards

The best Latvian playing cards were produced just after independence, during the period 1921-1942.

Orija Nr.20 1918

Orija Nr.20

Reprint of “Lettische Trachten” deck first published in Latvia in 1918.

Pictures of Riga 2015

Pictures of Riga

Playing cards with colour photos of buildings and monuments in and around Riga.

Privātā 2001


The editors of “Privātā Dzīve” magazine conceived the idea for this new pack, which was designed by artist Lidmila Bulikina and printed by LGL Stils, Ltd in June 2001.

Reinholds Kasparsons 1932

Reinholds Kasparsons

Reinholds Kasparsons, a popular Latvian illustrator of the day, designed this pack which was published as The Best Quality Playing cards No.1 in 1932.

Riga Souvenir playing cards 2010

Riga Souvenir playing cards

54 different photographs of Riga, Latvia’s capital.

Rihards Zarinš 1921

Rihards Zarinš

Playing cards designed by Rihards Zarinš, 1921. Latvian indices and with heraldic and hunting motifs reminiscent of the countries' ancient history and folklore.

Souvenir playing cards 2005

Souvenir playing cards

“Souvenir Playing Cards” featuring drawings and sketches of late 18th century Riga by Johann Christoph Brotze.

Stefans Bercs 1923

Stefans Bercs

In 1923 a competition was announced for a new Latvian pack. The winner of this competition was Stefans Bercs.

Tobago playing cards 2004

Tobago playing cards

Tobago playing cards designed by Boriss Mitins, 2004.

Wink Playing Cards 2017

Wink Playing Cards

A pack of 53 temporary tattoo designs published by Wink, Riga, Latvia, c.2017.

Zole 1936


Alfreds Scwedrevitz playing card designs used to advertise Zole Vodka but which were never published.