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Farmyard Snap 1930

Farmyard Snap

“Farmyard Snap” designed by A. E. Kennedy and published by C. W. Faulkner & Co., c.1930

Forest Echoes 1912

Forest Echoes

Chad Valley’s “Forest Echoes Zoological Snap” from before the First World War depicts superb illustrations of animals and their associated calls.

Funny Snap 1920

Funny Snap

Funny Snap one penny game designed in England, printed in Bavaria, c.1920.

Hee Trading Co

Hee Trading Co

Hee Trading Co., Malaysia, manufacture board games, jig-saw puzzles, chess sets, games compendiums as well as card games such as Happy Families, Donkey and Snap.

Jack Horner Snap 1890

Jack Horner Snap

“Little Jack Horner” Snap made by Thomas De la Rue & Co Ltd, c.1890.

Jeu du Moulin

Jeu du Moulin

Jeu du Moulin by Watilliaux, Paris.

Jolly Jack Tar Snap

Jolly Jack Tar Snap

Jolly Jack Tar Snap made in England, 1920s.

Kay Snap

Kay Snap

Kay Snap Children's Card Game, made in England, 1930s.

Moods & Faces 1900

Moods & Faces

“Moods & Faces” round game by Thos de la Rue & Co Ltd,. c.1900.

Musical Snap

Musical Snap

Musical Snap by C.W. Faulkner & Co., c.1900.

Nursery Rhyme Snap 1950

Nursery Rhyme Snap

Chad Valley ‘Nursery Rhyme Snap’ 1950, depicting ten popular nursery rhymes.

Oh I Say! Snap

Oh I Say! Snap

The screamingly funny “Oh I Say!” Snap game, c.1920.

Old Fashioned Snap 2016

Old Fashioned Snap

‘Old Fashioned Snap’ created by Rex Pitts, 2016.

Oliver Twist Snap 1890

Oliver Twist Snap

Oliver Twist Series Snap card game manufactured by A. Collier, London, c.1890.

One Penny Games 1920

One Penny Games

One Penny Card Games, 1920s.

One Penny Games 2 1910

One Penny Games 2

One Penny Card Games, 1900-1910, mostly anonymous 'Snap' games and made in Germany.

Oppenheimer und Sulzbacher

Oppenheimer und Sulzbacher

Card games produced in Germany by Oppenheimer und Sulzbacher.

Our Pets Snap 1930

Our Pets Snap

“Our Pets Snap” designed by A. E. Kennedy for Faulkner & Co., c.1930s.

Pantomime Snap

Pantomime Snap

Clifford Series “Pantomime Snap”

Prudence Snap c.1950 1950

Prudence Snap c.1950

Chad Valley “Prudence Kitten Snap” card game designed by Annette Mills.