Jeu du Moulin

Jeu du Moulin, reminiscent of the old days of millers and water wheels, was designed by Bernard Coudert and first published by Jeux Watilliaux, Paris, in c.1880. Illustrations on the cards include the miller’s boy, the maid, millstones, sacks of flour, hens, ducks, the cat and so on... 14 in total. Watilliaux subsequently became part of Les Jeux Reunis group whose trade mark ‘LJR’ can be seen on the rules sheet in this edition. The card game is played similar to Snap. There is also a musical accompaniment

Jeu du Moulin by Watilliaux, Paris c.1913 Jeu du Moulin by Watilliaux, Paris c.1913 Les Jeux Reunis, Paris c.1913

Above: Jeu du Moulin by Jeux Watilliaux, Paris c.1913. 56 lithographed cards; 14 x 4 pictures, hand coloured, blue backs.

In 1913 the company which had bought Jeux Watilliaux in 1907 became "LES JEUX REUNIS" identified by the acronym JLR. The company continued until 1946.


Jeux Revenaz Tabernat - LJR 

Jeux Watilliaux catalogue 1903  (see p.47).

Jeu du Moulin by Watilliaux, Paris c.1880
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