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Art Deco Gypsy Oracle 1936

Art Deco Gypsy Oracle

Art Deco fortune telling deck published by Piatnik, 1936.

Art Nouveau Oracle 2007

Art Nouveau Oracle

A Lenormand-type fortune-telling pack in the Art Nouveau style.

Britney Spears Oracle 2022

Britney Spears Oracle

Britney Spears Oracle: A Deck and Guidebook to Be Stronger Than Yesterday — a card set for Britney fans and collectors.

Cartas Blancas Self-improvement playing cards

Cartas Blancas Self-improvement playing cards

Cartas Blancas Self-help playing cards

Cartomancia Astrología Quirologia Tests 1985

Cartomancia Astrología Quirologia Tests

A set of rather unusual and non-standard cartomancy cards from Argentina with religious connotations and imaginative artwork

Cartomancy, Oracle and Divination Cards

Cartomancy, Oracle and Divination Cards

Playing cards are used for fortune-telling, predicting the future or even as a psychological adjunct to folk medicine and therapy. Turning another card illumines the moment and new clarity emerges.

El Oráculo de la Bruja 2003

El Oráculo de la Bruja

“El Oráculo de la Bruja” fortune-telling cards, 2003.

Fortune Telling Deck, c.1818 1818

Fortune Telling Deck, c.1818

Fortune Telling Deck by Industrie Comptoir, Leipzig c.1818.

Geistliche Karten 1718

Geistliche Karten

Geistliche Karten, Augsburg, 1718. Each card carries a text in Gothic typeface giving advice regarding what to do and think each day. Not quite oracle or divination cards, they are more like 'a motto for the day' collection. The method of using the cards is not known.

Georgian Fortune Telling Cards 1800

Georgian Fortune Telling Cards

Georgian Fortune Telling Cards, c.1800.

Grand Jeu Lenormand 1899

Grand Jeu Lenormand

A pack of 54 playing-cards for fortune-telling each card containing a number of zodiacal, classical and modern images with a miniature card of the conventional type at top left and a letter of the alphabet at top right.

Le Grand Tarot Belline 1966

Le Grand Tarot Belline

“Le Grand Tarot Belline” after drawings by Edmond Billaudot (1829-1881).

Le Petit Oracle des Dames 1807

Le Petit Oracle des Dames

Le Petit Oracle des Dames ou Récréation des Curieux, Paris, 1807.

Livre du Destin 1900

Livre du Destin

Livre du Destin / The Book of Fate, c.1900, entire deck (32 cards)

Naipes Cristianos 2002

Naipes Cristianos

“Naipes Cristianos” catechetical playing cards with quotations from the four gospels, 2002.

Oracle - Mystifying Playing Cards 2014

Oracle - Mystifying Playing Cards

A pack inspired by subjects such as spirituality, the occult, ouija boards, spirit photography and generally all things spooky.

Playing Card Oracles - Alchemy Edition

Playing Card Oracles - Alchemy Edition

Playing Card Oracles - Alchemy Edition - by Charles J. Freeman and Ana Cortez

Tarjetas de la Felicidad 2001

Tarjetas de la Felicidad

“Tarjetas de la Felicidad” containing positive mental affirmations by Lauro Trevisan, Buenos Aires (Argentina) c.2001

The Fortune Teller's Deck 1995

The Fortune Teller's Deck

The Fortune Teller’s Deck was published in 1995 in conjunction with a book written by Jane Lyle. The deck was designed by Neil Breeden and the court cards incorporate traditional symbolism.

The Playing Card Oracles 2002

The Playing Card Oracles

The Picture Book of Ana Cortez is an original work of art designed to facilitate Divination.