Geneviève Lirola

Stylish modern designs by the painter, decorator and ceramist Geneviève Lirola, featuring unity of colours in each suit. This pack won the “Grand Prix Grimaud” in 1973. B.P. Grimaud, one of the big names in playing cards, ran the competition in order to invite young artists and graphic designers to come up with new playing card designs. Lirola won the prize, which was 30,000 francs, with this deck. A myriad of vibrant colours highlight the pips, courts cards and backs...

playing cards designed by Geneviève Lirola in 1973

Above: playing cards designed by Geneviève Lirola in 1973 for the “Grand Prix Grimaud”. Indices: R, D, V, A (in 2 corners only); 62x88mms. Images courtesy Barney Townshend.

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