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Photographer and artist LAURENCE CHERNIAK reflects, in his designs, the richness of the rain forests, the serenity of wondrous sunsets and the abundance of wildlife.

It is no wonder that Laurence has designed a most attractive and captivating line of playing cards in Costa Rica which includes tree frogs, nesting turtles, isolated beaches, diving fantasies, iguanas basking in the sun, monkeys of all breeds, parrots and macaws.

We are gently submerged to the realms of the ocean bottom at Cocos Island and then lifted to the top of the awe-inspiring Arenal volcano. We swim with sharks and watch the metamorphosis of butterflies. We are carried through the jungle canopy and led on a hike through rain forests. All these explorations are included in several of his very realistic paintings and photography, making these playing cards not only diverse in nature, but also documenting his mystical adventures.
    Laurence Cherniak
  Laurence is currently working on his next pack of playing cards, which is a Souvenir of Costa Rica. We are awaiting for some pre-view images to arrive.
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