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Shon Gwynn is a designer who lives in Oregon, USA. "Went to graphics arts school in Arizona. Enjoy writing poetry, songs and stories. I have a poem that is published in the www.poetry.com site as well as the hardbound version. I also paint and draw."


Six Sci-Fi Playing Card designs by Shon Gwynn


Shon is an avid fantasy/middle earth person, who loves King Arthur, magic, swords, role-playing games as well as reading Dragonlance and viewing Sci-Fi movies.

"Fantasy has always been my greatest pleasure. I enjoy the era of dragons, swords and knights. I have been a Dungeon Master of D&D for 10 years. My stories have brought out the emotions of the players so I have been told. I got the inspiration for these playing cards from designs that I made for one of my adventures. I like elven features and this is represented by the picture cards. I have also created swords, armor and ships. Some of my adventures take you out into space on galleon type ships that fly with the assistance of mages. I wanted to get away from the standard of playing cards being red and black, and I want to share my artwork with those who appreciate the same tastes as I."

"As far as playing cards, I always thought it would be nice to capture some of the myth and beauty of fantasy within cards. It adds ambiance to them. I do plan to create other decks with ships and other with weapons."

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