Inner Realms Tarot

Inner Realms Tarot

Designed by Saleire

“Inner Realms was my first deck to create. I wanted to do something with fractals as I had hundreds of designs I had made over the years I saw that no one had made cards of these lovely designs. I was fascinated by the sacred geometry aspect of them and thought that the energy from these designs would be good for meditation, especially when you are reading for someone, they do help you focus on the card and let your spirit take over.”

“Inner Realms was conceived from sacred geometry that inspired me to create and then pick out pieces of that design that amazed me, or inspired me to create another design from that. For instance, The Ace of Swords is one piece of a fractal duplicated at least 50 times to create just the sword, whilst the energy force around the swords is made up of at least 40 more fractals pieces. So it's a long process, like putting a jigsaw together, I do feel the energy is right when the final image emerges.”

Saleire is an Irish artist and tarot reader who wants to bring the tarot into the future for teenagers and readers who want something to reflect this day and age. Saleire has seen Spirit since she was a child and she can hear, sense and know that they have always been with her. “When I raised my two boys, my artistic side kicked in, so to speak, and I began making fractals. I found that whilst creating them strange things would happen, they changed shape in the middle of making them, nothing to do with me. When I had made a few hundred of them, I began to notice that a lot of them could represent the Tarot and so I made a few cards to begin with, just for fun, but before I knew it, I had created two decks and still had more designs that suited Tarot, healing cards and so on.”

The deck is very well produced and filled with rich colours and dynamic designs, with a subtle Celtic feel, for example spiral borders, interweaving symbols mixed with fractal imagery (mathematical equations). The cards are marked with key words that help you think intuitively.

Inner Realms Tarot, designed by Saleire, 2012

Above: 'Inner Realms' tarot cards designed by Saleire, published by Schiffer Publishing, printed in China, 2012. Boxed set containing 78 cards, 6" x 9" plus 128 pp booklet.

The 'Inner Realms' tarot set is available from Bushwood Books Ltd, 6 Marksbury Avenue, Kew Gardens, Surrey TW9 4JF. P&P is currently free within the UK; EEC Europe is £10.50 and everywhere else £18.00. Orders from outside Europe are dealt with by the Publisher in the USA

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