Watersprite tarot

Tne Watersprite Tarot Guide Book is now available direct from www.waterspritetarot.com

Watersprite© Tarot

created by Alison McDonald

Alison McDonald's Watersprite© Tarot cards are now successfully completed after ten years of work, and the finished decks have just come back from the printers. The vibrant colours and artwork glorify the symbolism, mood and positive energy so that they could rapidly become one of your favourite packs, or a beautiful gift. The cards almost read themselves. We are excitied to feature this deck on the site as it's a visual delight with plenty of living creatures and connections with nature; even the back design with two sea horses adds another surprise! See some of the original artwork here →

'The Watersprite Tarot' created by Alison McDonald, 2012

Above: cards from 'The Watersprite Tarot' created by Alison Muir McDonald, 2012, including the Extra Card and the back design. Decks include 78 + 1 cards inside a sturdy box and come in two sizes: standard size cards 12 x 7 cm and professional reader size 14.5 x 8.5 cms. All artwork (c) Alison McDonald.

Decks and the Guide Book are available direct from www.waterspritetarot.com

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