Instituto Nacional de Calidad 2006 awards

Naipes Republica A.F.A.P. for INACAL, c.2006

SPANISH-SUITED PLAYING CARDS made specially for the Instituto Nacional de Calidad 2006 awards, of which República AFAP S.A. was a winner. Printed by Impresos Manrique, Montevideo, 48 cards + 2 special jokers in box. There are no inscriptions or information printed on the cards regarding the manufacturer apart from the initials I.M. and a telephone number on the bottom box flap. It was presumably very prestigious to be commissioned to print the playing cards for this symbolic event. The design of cards is a slightly simplified redrawing of the standard Spanish Catalan type.

Spanish-suited playing cards made specially for the Instituto Nacional de Calidad 2006 awards

Above: Spanish-suited playing cards for República AFAP S.A. winners of the Instituto Nacional de Calidad awards, Montevideo, 2006.

Impresos Manrique produce publicity and promotional playing cards, both Spanish-suited and Anglo-American style, for various other Uruguayan businesses, in some cases with special jokers (click image below to see more). See also: CossacRadisson Hotel

Selection of playing cards published by Impresos Manrique
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