Naipes Gauchescos Argentinos

“Naipes Gauchescos Argentinos” with re-styled Spanish suit-symbols reflecting Argentinean national culture. The cards show colour photographs of aspects of traditional Argentinean Gaucho life, centred around horse riding. The legend ‘Patacón’ on the ace of coins refers to a former Argentine national currency which had been used in various places as a variant name for the Peso.

Naipes Gauchescos Argentinos, 2004 Naipes Gauchescos Argentinos, 2004 Naipes Gauchescos Argentinos, 2004

Above: “Naipes Gauchescos Argentinos”, 2004. 40 cards in box

NOTE: The "coin" shown for the "patacón" is actually a 1 or 2 centavos coin of 1889 (copper or bronze, not silver!), and the “O” of the word “PATACON” contains the coat-of-arms. (The Patacón series was made 1881-1883, but there were trials and patterns dated 1879 & 1880. Courtesy Ron Haller-Williams.

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