Naipes Triunfo, c.1965

Naipes TRIUNFO, c.1965

Above: the design of the logo and the details printed on the Four of Cups changes over the years. In the earlier example shown below there is a second telephone number.

Above: c.1955-60.

Spanish-suited playing cards by Cappellano, S.A., publishers and playing card manufacturers, Florencio Varela 542, Buenos Aires, Argentina, c.1965

Cappellano's business activities are described as ‘Industrial, Comercial, Inmobiliaria’ on the Four of Cups, and the address is given as Fcio Varela 542, Villa Martellí, Buenos Aires and the telephone number is T.E. 740-8767. The second telephone number is missing, presumably due to a change in the business. At the same time, the outlines of some of the card designs have been re-drawn.

TRIUNFO playing cards c.1965

Ace of coins Four of coins Four of cups Caballero of cups
3 court cards

Below: 5 Pesos brown tax band of the type used on home-manufactured, Spanish-suited decks during the period 1965-67. In conjunction with the "Marianne" tax stamp on the Four of Cups, the date can be estimated to around 1965-67.

5 pesos tax band, 1965-68
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