Naipes Triunfo for Fernet Branca

Above: the design of the logo and the details printed on the Four of Cups changes over the years.

Naipes TRIUNFO, c.1955-60

Spanish-suited playing cards for Fernet Branca by Cappellano, S.A., publishers and playing card manufacturers, Florencio Varela 542, Buenos Aires, Argentina, c.1955-60

Cappellano's business activities are described as "Industrial, Comercial, Inmobiliaria" on the Four of Cups, and the address is given as Fcio Varela 542, Villa Martellí, Buenos Aires and the telephone numbers are T.E. 740-8767 & 4205. The wrapper states "Edicion Estudio Negrin".

Naipes TRIUNFO for Fernet Branca by Cappellano, S.A., c.1955-60

Above: Naipes TRIUNFO for Fernet Branca by Cappellano, S.A., c.1955-60.

50 centavos brown tax band c.1960

Above: 50 centavos brown tax band of the type used on home-manufactured, Spanish-suited decks during the period 1944-1964, overstamped with the legend 'Cappellano S.A.' In conjunction with the "Marianne" tax stamp on the four of cups, the date can be estimated at around 1955-60.

advert for Naipes Triunfo, c.1950-55

Above: 1950s magazine advert for Naipes Triunfo emphasising their 'washable' quality. The advert states that Naipes Triunfo were also available in black wrappers. The company address is given as: Orestes A. Cappellano de Jorge C. Oneto, Florencia Varela 542, Villa Martelli and the telephone number is: 740-8767.

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