Lilian Cailleaud’s Tarot Project

Lilian Caillaeud carves lino in his spare time. So in the spirit of sharing here is the first card of his version of the tarot by Nicolas Rolichon of Lyon c.1600

“My plan is to carve 1 card a week possibly two. The carving is the easy part it's the printing that gives me chills. I decided to add a few personnal touches. For example, I removed the shading lines and added decoration of my own. Each card measures 10.9 x 6 cm. If you’re interested I’ll keep you up to date with the project.”


the Hanged Man in progress

Above: the Hanged Man in progress.

Above: I had planned to do work on the ace of sword right after the fool. It was fun to do. You will notice that i made a few modifications to the design. I added garden lilies instead of the olive and laurel. My reasons for the design modifications are as follows : 1) my name comes from the lily... 2) being French I could not help remembering the arms of Joan of Arc. I replaced the fleur de lys by garden lilies.

Above: and voilà the first test. I am finishing the lines. Thinning here and there. Letters are always a nightmare especially when they are small.

Lino cutting tools

Above: my tools. I cannot do better proof work because I bring just the most essential tools to the office to work on my carving during my break.

Saint George slaying the dragon

Above: When I am not carving tarot cards I usually try my hand at other images from the 15th and 16th century. Here is Saint George slaying the dragon. All design taken from the incunabula era.

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