Galapagos Islands

Playing cards which awaken the voice of nature and teach us about the environment, endangered species and ecology...

Galapagos Islands Playing Cards

Galapagos Islands Souvenir Playing Cards

The Galapagos Islands Souvenir Playing Cards feature 54 original full colour illustrations of native wildlife, created by the Galapagos National Park guides as an educational project. The two extra cards are a handy map of the islands, and the Galapagos National Park Rules and Regulations. The two back designs are a tortoise and a volcano.

Galapagos Islands Souvenir Playing Cards
  • Do not remove any native plants, rocks, animals.

  • Do not transport any live material to the islands or from island to island.

  • Do not touch the animals.

  • Do not feed the animals.

  • Do not chase animals.

  • Stay on the trails at all times.

  • Do not leave any litter.

  • Do not buy any souvenir made from native Galapagos products.

  • Do not hesitate to show your conservation attitude.

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