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Legends & Mythology on Playing Cards

Legends & Mythology

The great struggle between Light and Darkness, between the Titans and the Gods, often reframed as The Evil Empire, dystopia/utopia or irreconcilable political opponents. These themes are frequently chosen by playing card designers to create imaginative and visually striking playing card or tarot card designs.

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Acelion Cyberpunk Playing Cards 2020

Acelion Cyberpunk Playing Cards

This cyberpunk deck by Acelion combines magic and science fiction elements, inspired by Nordic mythology and cyberpunk themes.

Age of Dragons 2017

Age of Dragons

Age of Dragons by Anne Stokes, 2017.

Antike Götter 1830

Antike Götter

“Antike Götter” - facsimile of antique playing cards originally manufactured by C. A. Müller, Berlin, 1830.

Arthurian by Kings Wild Project 2017

Arthurian by Kings Wild Project

Arthurian Playing Cards by Kings Wild Project, a luxury playing card deck designed by Jackson Robinson, inspired by the myths and legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Baraja Mitológica 1815

Baraja Mitológica

“Baraja Mitológica” was first published in Madrid in c.1815 by Josef Monjardín from engravings by José Martínez de Castro.

Burgdorf Abschreckhärtetechnik 1981

Burgdorf Abschreckhärtetechnik

Promotional pack for a German steel hardening business, with designs by Costante Costantini.

Calon Arang • Калон Аранг - Бали

Calon Arang • Калон Аранг - Бали

Calon Arang, a figure from 12th-century Javanese and Balinese folklore known as a witch skilled in black magic, is the subject of a preserved manuscript at the Royal Netherlands Institute. Калон Аранг • персонаж яванского и балийского фольклора, датируемого 12 веком. Традиция называет ее ведьмой, мастером черной магии. Неизвестно, кто сочинил эту историю, но рукопись текста Калон Аранга (написанная латинским алфавитом) хранится в Королевском нидерландском институте исследований Юго-Восточной Азии и Карибского бассейна.

Carnival Playing Cards, 1925 1925

Carnival Playing Cards, 1925

The Carnival Playing Card deck designed by Harry D. Wallace (1892-1977) and first published in 1925.

Carte Romane 1973

Carte Romane

“Carte Romane” designed by Giorgio Pessione, 1973, celebrating the history of Rome.

Celtic Journey 2011

Celtic Journey

Celtic Journey playing cards - where art and culture meet - designed by Carmen G. Carballeira, 2011

Charles Hodges 1828

Charles Hodges

Charles Hodges produced engraved geographical and astronomical decks, London, c.1827-30.

Classic 1959


“Classic” playing cards designed by Paul Mathison inspired by classical mythology, 1959.

Cultúrlán 2014


Celtic myth playing cards inspired by the rich Celtic pantheon of mythological Gods, Goddesses, and heroes

Cyprus Souvenir

Cyprus Souvenir

Cyprus souvenir playing cards showing scenes alluding to ancient history and myths.

Divine Art 2016

Divine Art

Divine Art Playing Cards by Sunish Chabba & Guru Playing Card Company, 2016.

East Slavonic Mythology 1994

East Slavonic Mythology

East Slavonic Mythology designed by Aleksey Orleansky (1994) featuring creatures from the watery underworld.

EPCS February 2003 Newsletter

EPCS February 2003 Newsletter Members Only

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Gods of Egypt 2018

Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt playing cards dedicated to the culture of Ancient Egypt.

Grand Jeu Lenormand 1899

Grand Jeu Lenormand

A pack of 54 playing-cards for fortune-telling each card containing a number of zodiacal, classical and modern images with a miniature card of the conventional type at top left and a letter of the alphabet at top right.

Greek Heroes 1960

Greek Heroes

Playing Cards manufactured by Aspioti Elka A.E., 1960, with ancient greek-style courts.