Kriegs-Spiel by Peter Schencken, Amsterdam

Das Kriegs-Spiel by Peter Schencken, Amsterdam, c.1670

Educational pack for the Art of War

Non-standard cards made in the Netherlands were notable principally for their educational, political, humorous and artistic characteristics. Peter Schencken of Amsterdam copied the "Jeu de la Guerre" or "Das Kriegs-Spiel" (with German captions) originated by Gilles de La Boissière (engraver) and first published by Mariette in 1668 in Paris. These games are usually found as uncut sheets suitable for some table game using dice, rather than a game of cards. Recorded as still being printed in the 18th century.

Above: uncut sheet printed from finely engraved copper plates by Peter Schencken, Amsterdam, c.1670.

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