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The 'On The Cards' project is currently being rolled out as a new section of The World of Playing Cards website.


Woodblock Joker by Simon Wintle  
 Hand-painted Joker by Pete Wood

Above: hand-painted Joker from Pete Wood's "Pack of Pearls", 1999.

This website is an open invitation to all artists, designers and manufacturers interested in Playing Card design and production.

We would like to hear from anyone who has or intends to design their own pack(s) of playing cards. Often there are financial constraints or other difficulties, but also there are various ways around these problems. It is also possible to learn from other people's experiences, including mistakes.

We are developing a web-based resource with details of small-scale playing card producers and designers, how to contact them, their work, their production methods and cards for sale direct, with a view to increasing interest in this field.

As the group expands, we shall also consider the publication of small, limited editions and with this in mind we would like to hear from printers/manufacturers or anyone who might want to support, invest in or sponsor such a project.


Please email us if you're interested in participating in this project or if you require further information.

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