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Roddy started collecting stamps on his 8th birthday. In 1977 he joined the newly formed playing-card department at Stanley Gibbons in London before setting up his own business in Edinburgh four years later. His collecting interests include playing cards, postcards, stamps (especially playing cards on stamps) and sugar wrappers. He is a Past President of the Scottish Philatelic Society, a former Chairman of the IPCS, a Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards and Curator of the WCMPC’s collection of playing cards. He lives near Toulouse in France.

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1939 Paris pattern for WWII troops

Paris pattern for WWII troops

Wartime edition of standard designs with fewer colours, a special back design and an overprint.

2002 Jeu de Cartes  Éclats

Jeu de Cartes Éclats

A kaleidoscope of form and colour encapsulated in a contemporary pack of playing cards.

2008 Green Cards

Green Cards

Recycled playing cards with striking, non-standard courts.

2000 Country Definitive Playing Cards

Country Definitive Playing Cards

Modern British regional postage stamps on a set of playing cards.

1904 Guarro y Cia Catalan pattern

Guarro y Cia Catalan pattern

Catalan pattern (‘Escudo de Barcelona’) with youthful courts and attractive colouring.

1904 Alejo Gabarró Catalan pattern

Alejo Gabarró Catalan pattern

Alejo Gabarró “El Cuervo” Catalan pattern playing cards, Igualada, Spain, c.1904.

1970 English pattern from Nigeria

English pattern from Nigeria

A standard pack from the most populous country in Africa.

1931 A Barribal variant for Christmas

A Barribal variant for Christmas

Christmas gift with a difference, made by Waddington’s, Leeds, 1931.

1971 Nintendo deck with Medieval theme

Nintendo deck with Medieval theme

Courts in medieval costume holding both French and Italian/Spanish suit-signs.

1970 Unimol playing cards

Unimol playing cards

Advertising pack for a pharmaceutical company, with brightly coloured courts.

1967 Torys Western Cards

Torys Western Cards

Promotional pack for a brand of Japanese whisky, featuring comic Wild West characters.

1973 Laser Clay playing cards

Laser Clay playing cards

Pack promoting the Laser Clay Shooting System created by Nintendo in 1973.

1972 Industrial Bank of Japan

Industrial Bank of Japan

Advertising pack designed by Yukio Hohri for The Industrial Bank of Japan.

1965 Onward playing cards

Onward playing cards

Advertising pack for Japanese fashion and lifestyle business featuring different national and regional costumes.

1973 Fujitsu playing cards

Fujitsu playing cards

Colourful advertising pack for Fujitsu Limited, reminiscent of the flower power/psychedelic era.

1979 Back to Country

Back to Country

Advertising playing cards for a Japanese fashion house, with reversed colours.

1961 H.P. Doebele

H.P. Doebele

Artist-designed playing cards produced to demonstrate the quality of a printing technique.

1978 I Trionfi d’Amore

I Trionfi d’Amore

Tarot trumps designed by Juan Ballesta and inspired by 1970s pop culture, promoting Baci chocolates.

1980 Venetian Tarot

Venetian Tarot

Scenes from the history of Venice on a set of the major arcana.

1994 Tweety & Friends playing cards

Tweety & Friends playing cards

Tweety and other Looney Tunes characters featured on every card.

1987 Pumuckl quartet game

Pumuckl quartet game

Quartet game featuring the kobold Pumuckl, creation of the German author Ellis Kaut.

2015 Pictures of Riga

Pictures of Riga

Playing cards with colour photos of buildings and monuments in and around Riga.

2010 Riga Souvenir playing cards

Riga Souvenir playing cards

54 different photographs of Riga, Latvia’s capital.

1993 Disney playing cards (Waddingtons)

Disney playing cards (Waddingtons)

Four of the stock Disney characters on a pack from Waddingtons.

1977 Il Quinto Seme

Il Quinto Seme

An Italian pack with a fifth suit of “amici” (“friends”).

1993 Bofinger’s Reise-Skat

Bofinger’s Reise-Skat

Advertising pack for a travel company with humorous illustrations of all sorts of travellers.

1990 9-11-89 passé

9-11-89 passé

Caricatures of East German politicians following the fall of the Berlin Wall.

1993 Münz-Spiel GmbH

Münz-Spiel GmbH

Advertising playing cards for a data bureau depicting German politicians.

2005 Bau-Skat playing cards

Bau-Skat playing cards

Comic illustrations of people working in the building trade.

1990 Tarabish


A special pack of playing cards for an unusual game played almost exclusively in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

1984 Ginette Robitaille

Ginette Robitaille

Stylish designs from the mid-1980s by a Canadian artist.

1999 Three Stooges playing cards

Three Stooges playing cards

54 different photos of the famous American vaudeville and comedy team.

2003 Hulk playing cards

Hulk playing cards

Issued to coincide with the release in 2003 of the American superhero film, The Hulk.

1995 Charlie Brown Plays Baseball card game

Charlie Brown Plays Baseball card game

Peanuts comic strip characters on cards for regular play or a special game based on baseball.

1992 Mummy Playing Cards

Mummy Playing Cards

Die-cut cards in the shape of an Egyptian sarcophagus.

1976 Le Café

Le Café

Four of the great coffee-producing countries represented in a commemorative pack of playing cards.

2003 Playboy playing cards

Playboy playing cards

52 different magazine covers from the first 50 years of Playboy.

2019 Foragers playing cards

Foragers playing cards

Playing cards to help to identify the edible and inedible gifts of nature.

1992 Four Roses Bourbon Whiskey

Four Roses Bourbon Whiskey

Promotional playing cards for a brand of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

2003 Wild West playing cards

Wild West playing cards

Famous lawmen, gamblers, outlaws and others from the American Wild West.

1997 Politisk Tarot

Politisk Tarot

Swedish politicians caricatured by Dan Glimne in a set of Tarot trumps.

1992 Baraja Historica de Madrid

Baraja Historica de Madrid

“Baraja Historica de Madrid 1992” playing cards designed by Alberto Pérez and published by Asescoin for 1994 Convention.

2001 Das Peanuts Kartenspiel

Das Peanuts Kartenspiel

Cartoon characters from the famous comic strip devised by Charles M. Schultz.

1991 Le Golf de Mose

Le Golf de Mose

Humorous cartoons of golfers in action on playing cards by the artist Mose.

1976 Iron Horses of the West

Iron Horses of the West

Steam and diesel locomotives from the famous Atchison, Topeka and Sante Fe Railway Company.

1985 Alternative Happy Families

Alternative Happy Families

An updated, 1980s-style “Alternative Happy Families” game.

2006 Le Jeu des Chats (Dubout)

Le Jeu des Chats (Dubout)

Cartoon-style illustrations of cats on playing cards created by the French artist Albert Dubout.

2006 Molière par Dubout

Molière par Dubout

Characters and scenes from plays by Molière as drawn by the cartoonist Albert Dubout.

2021 Soroptimist International Scotland South Region

Soroptimist International Scotland South Region

Celebrating 100 years of Soroptimist International, 1921-2021.

2003 Scouting playing cards

Scouting playing cards

Cartoon-style illustrations promoting a Belgian organisation for scouts and guides.

2010 Carte Giganti Siciliane

Carte Giganti Siciliane

Gigantic souvenir pack combining traditional Sicilian pattern cards with photographic views.