Gibson, Hunt & Son

Garter Ace of Spades, Gibson Hunt & Son

Gibson Hunt & Son, 1801-1803

29 Piccadilly, London

Gibson originally took over the business of Blanchard in 1769. Gibson & Hunt operated briefly (1801-1803) and were followed successively by Hunt & Son (1804-1821), Hunt & Sons (1821-1840), Hall (& Son), Hall & Bancks and finally Bancks Brothers (1841-1889). The standard English court card male figures have curly, one-sided moustaches and details in the clothing and design are typical from this period, i.e. c.1800-c.1810.

Left: 'Garter' Ace of Spades (click to zoom). There were several variations in the name on Aces of Spades around this time, and the son seems to have joined the firm in 1803/04. The backs of the cards are plain white.

Standard English playing cards manufactured by Gibson Hunt & Son, 1801-1803

Above: Images courtesy Charles Flisher [email protected].

Reference:  Lodge, Ken: The Standard English Pattern (second revised and enlarged edition), Bungay, Suffolk, 2010

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