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Anonymous producers of playing cards in Argentina, page 2   [page 1 | page 2]

Argentina has produced a series of anonymous decks, both Spanish-suited and Anglo-American type and children's games. At the same time, a number of longer-established playing card manufacturers closed down or went out of business, thereby providing opportunities for smaller, more competitive businesses to enter the market. Many of these chose to remain anonymous. Some printing companies produce one-off editions of playing cards which are not easy to identify.

Decks may carry the inscription "Industria Argentina" but no further details of their manufacturers are available.

Bosch Rexroth 'Health & Safety' playing cards

Above: 'Health & Safety' playing cards for Bosch Rexroth, printed by an anonymous manufacturer, 40 cards in box   see more →

Above: Publicity pack for RedElec Argentina electricity network based on traditional Catalan pattern, c.2008   more

anonymous deck for Bagóhepat, 2005

Above: anonymous deck for Bagóhepat with computer-designed courts, 2005.

Above: Personal Light mobile telephones. This 48 card Spanish-suited pack (+ 2 comodínes) is based on the traditional “Guarro” Catalan pattern, which was acquired by Fournier in 1930. In this example, produced anonymously (possibly by Gráfica S.A.) as a free pack publicising Personal Light mobile phones for Telecom, the two jokers, the box and the back of the cards show a brown-eyed female model who also appeared in television campaigns and is well-known to Argentinean viewers.

Above: AIDS Awareness. Part of an education and awareness campaign funded by the Ministerio de Salud y Ambiente de la Nación, between 2001 – 2004, this is a 40-card Spanish-suited pack with bright new designs aimed to appeal to younger players. Produced by an anonymous manufacturer, the court cards are in fantasy medieval style, although the kings resemble war lords from a sci-fi movie. The suit symbols are rendered in a hyper-realistic style. The reverse bears the legend “Enamorarse en verano es tan fácil como cuidarse” with the Ministry logo, the hotline telephone number and three condoms.   See also:  Dengue prevention.

anonymous pack produced exclusively for Italcred credit card customers, c.2005

Above: anonymous pack produced exclusively for Italcred credit card customers, c.2005, with the slogan Por un Mundo Mejor!   The design is somewhat impoverished because the court card figures are the same in each suit. 52 cards + 2 jokers in box.

Above: extra large size Spanish-suited playing cards featuring the ‘Glorious’ ladies swimwear collection for 1995, designed by Estudio Fileni/Mendióroz and photographed by Gaby Herbstein.

Above: America Online Beach playing cards, Spanish suit system, non-standard designs, 2006   see more

Above: 'Foto Joker' Spanish playing cards for Matera Color Laboratory, 2008   see more

Bodegas Trapiche

Bodegas Trapiche «Día del Amigo, 2003» Bodegas Trapiche «Día del Amigo, 2003»

Above: Bodegas Trapiche «Día del Amigo, 2003   more

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