Souvenir Playing Cards


Argentina publishes many tourist souvenir packs, usually with colour pictures on each card, and with either Spanish suit signs, or else Anglo-american ones, in each corner. Many of the more recent ones have been published by Gráfica S.A. in Buenos Aires - click image below - and show that Argentina has more to offer than just somewhere to photograph yourself standing in front of your car!

Above: Dirección Nacional de Turismo 'Antartida Turistas' pack, made by Cia. General Fabril Financiera S.A., Buenos Aires, 1970s.



Below: Naipes Eróticos, a different type of 'souvenir' pack made in Argentina by an anonymous manufacturer, 1990s. There are miniature catalan-style Spanish suited playing cards in the corners, and a full colour pin-up photo of nicely plump ladies wearing very few clothes on each card.

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