Jovial Families

“Jovial Families” - a Victorian family card game published by A. Collier, London, c.1890, reminiscent of the “grotesque” but humourous Happy Families games produced by Jaques Ltd.

Above: “Jovial Families” card game published by A. Collier, London, c.1890. The game contains a total of 13 families making a total of 52 cards + rules in box. A 40-card version was also published. Images courtesy Rex Pitts.

The artist is unknown but has a striking similarity to that of J.W. Spear's Happy Families first published c.1900, with large heads and the addition of bright red lips.

Right: click the rules card to zoom

Martin Chuzzlewit

Above: detail from "Mr Jonas Chuzzlewit Entertains his Cousins" drawn by Hablot K Browne AKA "Phiz", and first published in 1844. Courtesy Matt Probert.

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