Dasavatara Ganjifa from India

Ganjifa cards are used in India, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey, and are usually hand-painted. This version was printed chromo-lithographically by the Chitrasala Press in around 1950. Ten suits of twelve cards, each suit is based on one of the ten incarnations of Vishnu. An upper court card, Raja, a lower court card, Pradhan or Mantri, and ten numerals in each suit. Suits are: Matsya (fish), Kurma (turtle), Varaha (boar), Narasimha (lion), Vamana (water pot), Parashurama (axe), Rama (bow & arrow, or monkey), Krishna (quoit or cow), Buddha (conch) and Kalkin (sword or horse).

Dasavatara Ganjifa

Above: Dasavatara Ganjifa, 120 Cards, 2¾" in diameter, printed by Chitrasala Press, Pune, around 1950 with either black, red or white backs. All of the Pradhans are shown riding on white horses. The God Vishnu is shown on the Raja cards.

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