Krienser Fasnachts-Jass 1988

Krienser Fasnachts-Jass 1988

Designed by Léon Schnyder

The Krienser Fasnachts-Jass deck was designed and published by Léon Schnyder from Kriens for the 1988 Fasnacht Carnival and titled “Krienser Fasnacht-Jass” or “Chreinser Böögge-Albóm” in the local dialect. The Aces and numeral cards are double ended and have non-standard arrangements for the pip signs. The courts are single-ended and show characters from the carnival against chequered backgrounds. Those from the suit of shields are dressed as farming people whilst the other suits show different carnival characters.

Krienser Fasnachts-Jass 1988 designed by Léon Schnyder

Above: Krienser Fasnachts-Jass playing cards with Swiss suit symbols, designed by Léon Schnyder and printed by AG Müller, 1988. 36 cards in box + leaflet.

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