The Enchanted Journey

The Enchanted Journey by Karen Curran

back The Enchanted Journey by Karen Curran
The Enchanted Journey by Karen Curran queen of hearts king of clubs

Cards from the delightful Enchanted Journey playing-cards, based on an original story by artist Karen Curran of Australia, first released in May 2003. "… baby unicorns gently tussled each other as a larger unicorn kept careful watch… fairies danced on toadstools… an elf chatted shyly to a fairy…"

Decks are 52 cards + 2 jokers, full-colour backs, size: 63mm x 89mm in a sturdy case. There is a splendid ace of spades and the cards are professionally manufactured in Australia by SNP who operated operated in Melbourne for about 10 years, with appealing colours and a smooth finish.  The cards are part of a set of gifts including coasters, bookplates, playing cards and a key ring.

All items can be ordered online directly from the artist's website.

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