Renaissance Playing Cards

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Renaissance Playing Cards

Renaissance Playing Cards, showing 54 different drawings spanning the years 1066 to 1400. Included is the Idiotic Fortune Telling guide, which is described as a "free worthless thing". Good Luck and no regrets are promised to the owner of these cards! Created by Maxim Hurwicz, 224 North 4th Street, Stillwater, Minnesota 55082 USA.

These cards were originally drawn and sold without the guide, but folks kept asking me if they were fortune telling cards, and I'd have to say "No, they are merely beautifully illustrated cards". In order to save my breath, I wrote the fortune telling guide, which is truly idiotic, but some find it humorous (it sure made me laugh while I wrote it)…

The deck includes 52 cards + 2 Jokers + extra card + booklet guide in cello-wrapped box, made in India.

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