Playing Cards by Compañia General de Fósforos

Compañía General de Fósforos, S.A., Bs. As.

Founded in 1888, the group opened a printing establishment to produce match boxes. Soon after they expanded into the graphic arts business and by 1904 had established a paper mill. In 1893 a sister company was opened in Uruguay who also produced playing cards. In 1929 the firm's playing card production was taken over by  Compañía General Fabril Financiera S.A. which continued its existence until 1995.

Above: 5 cards from an "Angelito" Spanish Catalán type pack manufactured in Buenos Aires by Compañia General de Fósforos, California 1270, Buenos Aires, c.1905. Based on designs of Sebastian Comas y Ricart of Barcelona (Spain) who had previously imported playing cards into Argentina. The black 'Mercury' tax stamp on the four of cups suggests a date around 1895-1905.

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