The Art of Pin-Up decks

Feminine beauty has been appreciated since prehistory, so first of all let us visit the Prado Museum Art Gallery in Madrid and view some fine art paintings of women.

3 images from Tne Prado Museum, Madrid

Above: After the Bath (Female Nude) by Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta, c.1895. An intimate scene of daily toilette...  see more

Above: Venus with an Organist and Cupid, Tiziano Vecellio (Titian), c.1555. Contemplating the goddess’s nudity...  see more

Above: La Tirana by José Casado del Alisal, c.1875. Highly charged sensuality and eroticism...  see more

The rise of pin-up playing cards

During WWII, when men from the Navy and Armed Forces went abroad, there was a trend for images of girls dressing seductively for their men to ‘pin up’ and gaze at during months away from home. This gave way to a rise in popularity of the genre. Positively, they can be viewed as expressions of femininity and beauty. Conversely, others believe that the images corrupt social morality and subordinate women to objects, and are therefore distasteful.

The packs illustrated below cover a range of styles. Some show skill at depicting female sensuality, others lack subtlety or a more profound meaning. We invite you to judge for yourself.

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