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Aeronaves de Mexico

Special pack for Aeronaves de Mexico S.A., designed by Ramón Valdiosera Berman, mid-1960s.

Aeronaves de Mexico

African Art

“African Art” Playing cards by John J. Beckvermit III, 1994

African Art 1994

African themed playing cards

Pharaoh Palmier Poker, the Sasatki Black Pack.

African themed playing cards

Ainu culture

A terrific deck of cards made by Nintendo c.1979 with original designs on every card showing the Ainu, the indigenous people of Japan.

Ainu culture 1979

Air India

‘Air India’ playing cards, made in India.

Air India

Apache Playing Cards

Apache Indian Playing Cards made on rawhide, first recorded 1875.

Apache Playing Cards 1875

Baraja Aparcero

Designed to illustrate the history of four indigenous tribes who represent the roots of the Argentinean race.

Baraja Aparcero

Baraja Canaria

‘La Auténtica Baraja Canaria’ was published in 1995 by Justo Pérez as an expression of the history and character of the Canary Islands.

Baraja Canaria 1995

Baraja Charra Ernesto Icaza

“Baraja Charra” with paintings by Ernesto Icaza, 2002.

Baraja Charra Ernesto Icaza 2002

Baraja Gaucha

“Baraja Gaucha” fantasy deck designed by Mateo Tikas Plechas for Argentina, 1998.

Baraja Gaucha 1998

Baralla Galega

'Baralla Galega' designed by X. Cobas and published by Imprenta Comercial Imprent S.A., La Coruña (Spain) in 1983

Baralla Galega 1983

Black & White Whisky by Nintendo

Whisky advertising playing cards manufactured by Nintendo Playing Cards Co Ltd for Dodwell & Co., 1960s.

Black & White Whisky by Nintendo

Boutros Arabic Playing Cards

Arabic playing cards designed by Evy Maros & Mourad Boutros, c.1990

Boutros Arabic Playing Cards


Jeu de Cartes “Bretagne” conveying their cultural identity.


Casais Portugueses

Matching game by Majora, Lisbon, c.1970, featuring figures in national dress from Portuguese provinces and colonies

Casais Portugueses 1970

Characters of “The Water Margin”

Characters from the Chinese novel “The Water Margin” - 水滸撲克.

Characters of “The Water Margin” 1970

Circular Coon Cards

Circular playing cards in a round tin titled: Sutherland's Circular Coon Cards published by Hartley Bros Pty Ltd, Australia, late 19th century.

Circular Coon Cards

Clans & Tartans of Scotland

“Clans & Tartans of Scotland” deck of cards designed and illustrated by Romilly Squire, 1997.

Clans & Tartans of Scotland 1997


“Cossack” playing cards, with artwork by O. Panchenko dedicated to the revival of the traditions of the Cossacks. Printed by the Colour Printing Plant, St Petersburg, 1994.


East African Playing Cards

East African Playing Cards by Heraclio Fournier S.A., 1957.

East African Playing Cards 1957


“Eastern” playing cards dedicated to ethnic Buryat culture, 2015

Eastern 2015

Escalada y Vidiella, Montevideo c.1860

Cards from a 40-card pack made in Belgium by Antoine van Genechten exclusively for the firm "Escalada y Vidiella" based in Montevideo (Uruguay) in c.1860.

Escalada y Vidiella, Montevideo c.1860

Estonian Ethnographic Playing Cards

Estonian national costumes and everyday items feature on this pack made in Estonia.

Estonian Ethnographic Playing Cards 2005

Estonian Historic Playing Cards

The court cards and indices on Estonian playing cards are Södur, Emand, Kuninga.

Estonian Historic Playing Cards


Ethiopian playing cards designed for the Ethiopian Tourist Organization by Afewerk Teklé.


Ethiopian Air Lines

Ethiopian Air Lines playing cards designed by Melles Habtezghi with courts wearing regional costumes, c.1969.

Ethiopian Air Lines 1969

Fair Play cross cultural playing cards

“Fair Play” cross cultural playing cards illustrated by Canadian artist Stephen B. MacInnes.

Fair Play cross cultural playing cards 2009

Falta Envido

Naipes Argentinos para Truco "Falta Envido" created by Alberto Soifer with Gaucho courts and variant suit symbols, 1982.

Falta Envido 1982

Far East

Far East playing cards with designs by Isabel Ibáñez de Sendadiano, c.1980.

Far East 1980

Folklore No.169

Austrian Folklore deck first published by Piatnik in 1934.

Folklore No.169 1934

Four Races

“Four Races” playing cards designed by Latvian artist Vilnis Rasa in 1989.

Four Races 1989

Frozen Court - The Aethiopic Rendering - Limited Edition Playing Cards

A deck made specifically for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the first African-american college fraternity, for their 2000 convention.

Frozen Court - The Aethiopic Rendering - Limited Edition Playing Cards 2000


A colourful pack of round cards with Ganjifa designs by Asha Industries, Mumbai, India, 2002.

Ganjifa™ 2002

Garuda Indonesia

Souvenir playing cards from Garuda Indonesia Airlines, the national airline of Indonesia.

Garuda Indonesia 1990

Gaucho Naipes

‘Gaucho’ Spanish-suited deck, anonymous manufacturer, made in Argentina, 2001.

Gaucho Naipes 2001

Gaucho Playing Cards

Florencio de los Ángeles Molina Campos (1891-1959) produced the artwork for his series of Gaucho playing cards from 1944 to 1958.

Gaucho Playing Cards

Handmade playing cards

Non-standard designs on Nepalese handmade paper for Pilgrims Book House, Kathmandu, Nepal, c.2000.

Handmade playing cards 2000

Happy Families of the World

Happy Families of the World published by Pepys Games, 1963.

Happy Families of the World

Happy Playing Cards

Cheerful, colourful designs on handmade paper from Nepal.

Happy Playing Cards

Iceland Mythology

Iceland Mythological Playing Cards designed by Sigurlinna Pétursson, 1958

Iceland Mythology

Irish Legendary

Irish Legendary deck featuring figures in the Legends of Ireland, designed by Rachel Arbuckle, 1990.

Irish Legendary 1990


Istorinės Historical Deck from Lithuania manufactured by Spindulys Playing Card Manufactory, Kaunas, c.1930s