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B. Dondorf


The luxury playing card factory founded in Frankfurt am Main by Bernhard Dondorf in 1833 existed for 100 years.

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Pierre l’Ebouriffé

Pierre l’Ebouriffé

Heinrich Hoffmann (1809-1894) wrote the Struwwelpeter stories in 1847 for his son Carl. The stories quickly became famous and were translated into many languages...

Poker No. 140 1920

Poker No. 140

Dondorf Poker-Karte No. 195, re-issued as Poker No. 140 for the "Argentina Compañia General de Navegación Sociedad Anónima", 1920s

Portrait Playing Cards

Portrait Playing Cards

Portrait playing cards, featuring realistic drawings of people on the court cards instead of traditional stylized figures, originated in the 18th century and continue to gain popularity.

Rhineland Pattern

Rhineland Pattern

This pack was probably the culmination of a mixture of designs from 19th century Germany which emerged as one of Dondorf's more popular house patterns by around 1900.

Rococo Whist-Bridge Nr.53 1930

Rococo Whist-Bridge Nr.53

printed by Flemming-Wiskott A.G. of Glogau

Rokoko-Bild No.158

Rokoko-Bild No.158

This pattern was published between 1889-1933, at first with no Joker, which was added in 1906 along with small indices in German or English.



Promotional playing cards printed by Dondorf for Saks & Company, New York, late 1920s.

Schweizer Trachten 1906

Schweizer Trachten

Schweizer Trachten No.174 (Costumes Suisses) by Dondorf.

Shakespeare Playing Cards 1895

Shakespeare Playing Cards

Shakespeare Playing Cards pack published in the 1890s with original paintings are by John H. Bacon.

Tarot Microscopique 1870

Tarot Microscopique

French-suited tarot cards made by B. Dondorf, c.1870.

Tout Est Bien Qui Finit Bien

Tout Est Bien Qui Finit Bien

‘Tout Est Bien Qui Finit Bien’ family card game by Dondorf.

Vier-Erdteile c.1870 1870

Vier-Erdteile c.1870

Dondorf's Luxus-Spielkarte “Vier-Erdteile” (“Four Continents”) was first published in c.1870 and has been re-published in several editions, variations and formats since then.

Vues et Caractères Suisses No.228 1870

Vues et Caractères Suisses No.228

A Swiss souvenir pack by Dondorf

Wahrsage-Karten 1911


In this version an explanatory verse is printed at the top of each card.

Wappen-Quartett 1900


A coat-of-arms quartet game published by B. Dondorf, c.1900

Whist No. 32

Whist No. 32

Whist No. 32 - Cartas de Jogar Nunes

Whist No.178 ‘Stuart Zeit’

Whist No.178 ‘Stuart Zeit’

Although not historically accurate this example is subtitled “Stuart period”, with rich costumes creating associations with an imaginary period sometime before the French Revolution.

Whist No.80 1928

Whist No.80

Stylistically, the deck fits easily into the Dondorf “luxury card” group. The deck was produced for the Danish firm Adolph Wulff of Copenhagen in c.1928-35.

Zwarte Piet 1906

Zwarte Piet

Zwarte Piet by Dondorf for the Dutch market, 1906.