Rokoko-Bild No.158

B. Dondorf: ‘Rokoko-Bild No.158’

A lovely antique set of Dondorf's “Rokoko” No.158 playing cards, with beautiful court cards and floral backs. The designs have clear outlines which stand out against a tinted background. The two black Jacks carry halberds; the Jack of Clubs reads “B. Dondorf” and “Frankfort a/m”. The other two Jacks are a falconer and an archer. Although the court figures are not an accurate reflection of any historical period, this deck has been nicknamed “Rococo”. The cards are slightly small by contemporary standards, measuring 85x58mm. This pattern was published between 1889-1933, at first with no Joker, which was added in 1906 along with small indices in German or English.

Dondorf's 'Rokoko' No.158 playing cards printed by chromolithography

Above: Dondorf's "Rokoko" No.158 playing cards printed by chromolithography, 52 cards, gold corners. The backs show honeysuckle on a pink or blue ground. Images courtesy Barney Townshend.

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Cribbage Board Card Box made by Hilliard & Thomason in Chester, England, 1897

Above: a Victorian silver mounted Cribbage Board / Card Box that has a colourful court card concealed under a beveled glass cover. The box was made by Hilliard & Thomason in Chester, England in 1897. Image courtesy David Buck.

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