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“Abd-el-Kader” by Fossorier, Amar et Cie for Algeria 1902

“Abd-el-Kader” by Fossorier, Amar et Cie for Algeria

Spanish National pattern produced by Fossorier, Amar et Cie (Paris) for Algeria, around 1902.

A. Camoin & Cie, Casablanca & Marseille

A. Camoin & Cie, Casablanca & Marseille

Spanish national pattern by A. Camoin & Cie, Casablanca & Marseille

Algeria 1910


Spanish suited playing cards produced by B. P. Grimaud (Paris) for Algeria, around 1910.



Anonymous Moroccan Playing Cards for Royal Air Maroc airlines and others...

Bartolo Borrego, Mexico 1836

Bartolo Borrego, Mexico

40-card Spanish-suited woodblock and stencil pack made in Mexico by Bartolo Borrego, 1836.

Benoist Laius 1710

Benoist Laius

Spanish playing cards such as these were used in those parts of France where certain games were enjoyed, such as Aluette.

Félix Solesio e Hijos 1802

Félix Solesio e Hijos

Félix Solesio e Hijos - Real Fábrica de Madrid - Spanish National pattern for Venezuela

Félix Solesio e Hijos 1801

Félix Solesio e Hijos

Félix Solesio e Hijos, Fábrica de Macharaviaya, Spanish National pattern for West Indies, 1801.

J. M. Gandarillas, Buenos Aires, c.1815 1815

J. M. Gandarillas, Buenos Aires, c.1815

Playing cards believed to have been designed in 1815 by the Chilean immigrant Manuel José Gandarillas in Buenos Aires and published the following year.

Juan de Brugada 1821

Juan de Brugada

Spanish National pattern by Juan de Brugada e hijo, Real Fábrica de Madrid, 1821.

Naipes Artiguistas, 1816 1815

Naipes Artiguistas, 1816

Naipes Artiguistas published in Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Rios province (Argentina) in 1816, by Fray Solano García.

P. Buscaglia: Spanish-suited cards

P. Buscaglia: Spanish-suited cards

Spanish-suited cards published by P. Buscaglia, Mele & Genova.

Pedro Rotxotxo 1800

Pedro Rotxotxo

Standard Spanish National pattern by Pedro Rotxotxo, Barcelona, late 18th century.

Pere Pau Rotxotxo Puigdoura 1790

Pere Pau Rotxotxo Puigdoura

Spanish national pattern by Pere Pau Rotxotxo Puigdoura (1766–1797).

Playing Cards from Ecuador

Playing Cards from Ecuador

There has been very little playing card manufacture in Ecuador. Cards are mostly supplied from Colombia, Argentina & Spain. Known brand names include: Willy Wilson, La Raspa and El Heraldo. Some locally-made tourist souvenir packs are also known including Naipe Ciudad de Quito and Galapagos Islands souvenir cards.

Real Fábrica de Macharaviaya

Real Fábrica de Macharaviaya

This is the official Spanish National pattern of the 18th century. Design and production was controlled from Madrid as a source of national or regional revenue. The factory was located in the town of Macharaviaya, in the province of Málaga.

Spanish National Pattern

Spanish National Pattern

Probably originating in Spain in the seventeenth century or even earlier, this pattern became strongly established by the Catalan cardmakers Rotxotxo of Barcelona.

Xilografías de Mallorca

Xilografías de Mallorca

Spanish National pattern re-printed from original woodblocks which are preserved in the monastery at Valdemosa, Mallorca, c.1960.