Naipes Artiguistas, 1816

Naipes Artiguistas, Entre Rios (Argentina), 1816

Naipes Artiguistas were published in Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Rios province (Argentina) in 1816, by Fray Solano García (1784-1845) at a special moment in Uruguayan history.

Solano García was a Chilean Franciscan friar living in Argentina who supported the cause of the Uruguayan Gervasio de Artigas. Political slogans incorporated into some of the numeral cards relate to the activities of General Artigas, whose campaigns were also supported in neighbouring provinces in Argentina. The political and cultural climate of the moment is captured in these cards.

Naipes Artiguistas, Entre Rios (Argentina), 1816

40 cards, 8.6 x 5.3 cms, printed from woodblocks and hand-coloured, based upon the traditional Spanish National type which had been imported into South America. Thanks to Juan Carlos Recarey for help with historical information. Images from reproduction of cards held in the Museo Histórico Nacional de Montevideo (Uruguay).

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