Mathematical Instruments

miniature English court cards from an engraved set titled 'Mathematical Instruments', c.1700

Mathematical Instruments, Thomas Tuttell, c.1700

An elaborately engraved pack of cards forming an instrument maker's catalogue. Each card has a title within a cartouche, with a miniature playing card in the top right corner. Illustrations of the use of the various instruments used in surveying, navigation, fortification & gunnery, mining, engineering, astronomy, etc., are shown with a description below. The Four of Diamonds features an almanac for the year 1701.

Mathematical Instruments playing cards, Tho. Tuttell, c.1700

Above: Mathematical Instruments playing cards by Thomas Tuttell, Mathematical Instrument Maker to the King's most excellent Majesty, c.1700. The Nine of Clubs has a tax stamp. Plain backs.

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