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54 Welsh Politicians on a deck of playing cards...

Welsh Political Figures playing cards

An original portrayal of Welsh politicians from the mid 19th century until 2011

Welsh Political Figures playing cards feature 54 portraits of famous and popular Welsh politicians from the four main political parties in Wales: Conservatives, Labour, Welsh Liberals (Lib Dem) and Plaid Cymru, primarily those members elected to Westminster, Cardiff Bay and Strasbourg-Brussels. The full colour drawings were created by Welsh political artist Dan Peterson. This is probably the first pack of political playing cards emanating from Wales and so is doubly historic.

54 politicians from Wales whose future is on the cards 54 politicians from Wales whose future is on the cards

Above: cards from 'Welsh Political Figures' playing cards published by Protest and Survive Ltd, Cardiff. The cards are the combined work of the artist Dan Peterson and political historian Professor Russell Deacon. The first edition is of 1,000 packs only.

Dan Peterson, the artist who drew the portraits, studied art at the Cardiff School of Print and Cardiff School of Art and Design. He has worked as an illustrator and designer for over twenty-five years. Professor Russell Deacon holds a part-time post in the Department of History at the University of Wales Trinity St David.

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