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Argentina has produced a series of anonymous decks, both Spanish-suited and Anglo-American type and children's games. At the same time, a number of longer-established playing card manufacturers closed down or went out of business, thereby providing opportunities for smaller, more competitive businesses to enter the market. Many of these chose to remain anonymous. Some printing companies produce one-off editions of playing cards which are not easy to identify.

Decks may carry the inscription "Industria Argentina" but no further details of their manufacturers are available.

El Negrito Pedro, c.1940

Right: cards from a 33-card children's game titled El Negrito Pedro, manufactured anonymously, c.1950s.

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El Negrito Pedro, anonymous manufacturer, c.1940

Anonymous Children’s Cards, c.1930s

Right: cards from a children’s deck of miniature Spanish-suited playing cards, 40 cards, manufactured anonymously, possibly by Della Penna & Cía, c.1930s.

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Children's playing cards, anonymous manufacturer, 1930s

The Jolly Joker

Right: cards from children’s deck of miniature "The Jolly Joker" playing cards, 52 cards + Joker + extra card, manufactured anonymously, c.1940s.

Clark’s Industries

Right: cards from an original Spanish-suited pack titled 'Spanish Cards' published by Clark's Industries, c.1975. 48 cards + 2 Jokers.

Naipes Joketa

Right: cards from “Naipes Joketa” by anonymous manufacturer, c.1975. A slightly elaborated version of conosur pattern.

“El Duque”

Right: cards from a standard Catalan-type deck titled “El Duque” by an anonymous manufacturer, c.1970s, based on the designs of Guarro (Barcelona). 48 cards + 2 Jokers. The Argentinean flag has been prominently added to the ace of coins.

“El Mexicano”

Right: cards from a standard Catalan-type deck, titled "El Mexicano", by an anonymous manufacturer, c.1980s, based on the designs of Guarro (Barcelona). 48 cards + 2 Jokers. The Argentinean flag has been prominently added to the ace of coins.

Naipes "El Ruedo"

Right: cards from another anonymous Catalan-type deck, titled "El Ruedo", c.1980. The designs are based on those of Guarro (Barcelona) but are more simplified than the above examples, and colours of the flags on the ace of coins are altered. 48 cards + 2 Jokers.

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Naipes El Ruedo, anonymous manufacturer, c.1980

Naipes Lobo

Right: cards from 40-card Naipes "Lobo" by anonymous manufacturer with advertising for Anastasio Billi on the reverse, 1980s. The designs are almost identical to those published by Argenar.

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Naipes Lobo, anonymous manufacturer, c.1980

Naipes "El Taita"

Right: cards from Naipes "El Taita", c.1990s, anonymous manufacturer (probably Naipes La Española / Gráfica 2001) based on the Spanish Cadiz pattern used by Vigor S.R.L.

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Naipes El Taita, anonymous manufacturer, c.1990

Naipes “El Taita”

Right: cards from a different edition of Naipes "El Taita", c.1990s, anonymous manufacturer. The ace of coins has Argentinean and Spanish flags draped down the sides of the central shield.

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Naipes Trebol

Right: cards from "Naipes Trebol", c.2000, anonymous manufacturer. The deck is completely uncoloured and has the same outlines as the above example of Naipes "El Taita", although the box and jokers are different.   (Click the image to see more).


Right: cards from "Naipes Arlequin", c.1975, unknown manufacturer.

Naipes Arlequin, anonymous manufacturer, c.1975
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