Naipes Colombianos


Naipe Estilo 'Paris' c.1960

Above: 4 cards from a Spanish-suited pack in the 'Paris' style, following designs produced by Grimaud in France for export to Spanish-speaking countries. The 'Paris' style is also used in Uruguay.

Colombian playing cards have tended to follow the Catalan, Castilian and Paris styles, but not the Cadiz style. Known manufacturers include Félix de Bedout e Hijos (Medellín), Litografía Granada, Industrias Ronda (Bogotá), Editorial Colina (Medellín), and Cacharrería Colombiana Ltda.

Brand names include Centauro, Esperanza and Cantaclaro.

There is evidence of a consumption tax on Colombian playing cards of 20 centavos per pack, raised in 1946 to 40 centavos, which was applied by means of a printed band affixed around each outer wrapper or box.

Naipe Centauro c.1980
Naipe Centauro c.1980

Above: 6 cards from Naipe Centauro, c.1980, by Editorial Colina de Medellín. Designs based loosely on Fournier's 'Castilian' pattern. A centaur appears on the four of coins and on the reverse.

Thanks to Luz Ángela Vargas, Enrique García Martín and Peter Endebrock for their contributions.

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