Filmstar-Parade was published by F.X. Schmid, Munich, c.1958. It is a traditional Quartet game deck with 36 cards, 9 groups of 4. Each card has a potted biography on the back. The signatures are also very revealing, from a graphologist's point of view. See the Title Card

Filmstar-Parade Quartet card game published by Schmid, Munich, c.1958

Above: Filmstar-Parade Quartet card game published by F.X.Schmid, Munich, c.1958. 36 cards + title card in plastic box with opaque bottom half with the maker's information moulded on the underside. The cards are on thick card stock and oversized at 2 5/8 x 3 15/16 ". Images courtesy Amit Benyovits & Rex Pitts.

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