Happy Families

Happy Families designed by A.E. Kennedy,  1930s

Described as “a source of innocent merriment”, Faulkner's “Happy Families” designed in the 1930s by Albert Ernest Kennedy (1883–1963) shows family entertainment from a different era. The pack is made of 12 families (father, mother, son and daughter) illustrated in full colour with the tools and dress of their trades, which in those days would have been seen in the High Street shops. Family likeness can be seen between the members of each family, and each family’s surname commences with the same letter as their trade and makes a pun on the name. This makes a total of 48 cards.

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Albert Ernest Kennedy (1883–1963) was an Illustrator of children’s books mostly about animals. His clever and expressive illustrations, slightly cute, are still collected today. He was the elder brother of noted flower painter Cecil Kennedy and was one of the few illustrators of whom Alison Uttley approved both for his work and his personality. Among many other books he illustrated most of the Alison Uttley “Sam Pig” and “Tim Rabbit stories”.  (From “The Dictionary of 20th Century British Book Illustrators”).

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Above: Faulkner's “Happy Families” designed in the 1930s by Albert Ernest Kennedy (1883–1963), 48 cards + rules in box. Images courtesy Rex Pitts.

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