Naipes No. 71 Los Leones

Naipes No. 71 Los Leones

Naipes 'Los Leones' by The United States Playing Card Co., c.1900

Based on the Spanish Cádiz pattern, and including the inscription 'AHI VA' on the caballero of cups, decks like this were manufactured primarily for Spanish speaking inhabitants or immigrants of U.S., rather than for exportation to Latin America, during the 19th and early 20th centuries. In any event, Spanish models of the day were closely imitated, often including the trade marks. See also Belgian-made Cádiz type cards.

as de oros 4 de copas sota de copas caballero de copas rey de copas
rey de bastos rey de oros rey de espadas caballero de espadas sota de espadas
caballero de bastos caballero de oros sota de oros sota de bastos reverse
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