Roodles by Arthur J Patterson, 1912

Roodles card game was devised by Arthur J Patterson (1869-1948) and copyrighted in 1912. The set contains 57 cards comprising 1-14 in each suit of wishbones, horseshoes, shamrocks and swastikas plus a Roodles joker card who juggles all the suit symbols. The game is played similar to Rummy and the aim is to get rid of all cards in hand. See the Rules

Patterson was an avid card player and in 1901 he invented a new game called “Flinch”, subsequently running the Flinch Card Company, Kalamazoo, to sell the game. Roodles was invented in 1912 and marketed by the same company.

See the Box

Roodles by A J Patterson, 1912

Above: Roodles by A J Patterson, 1912. 57 cards + rules in box. There are 14 cards in each of the 4 suits (Patterson’s copyright on every card) plus a Joker juggling with the suit signs.

Flinch Game advert 1903 Roodles by A J Patterson, 1912
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