Wiener pattern

Austrian ‘Wiener’ pattern

The Vienna pattern, or Wiener Bild, a distant relative of the early Lyons pattern, is sometimes nicknamed 'Large Crown' on account of large crowns on the Kings. The King of Hearts carries a scroll in his hand (at first glance it looks like a fan), the Queen of Diamonds sniffs a flower and the King of Spades has a banner bearing the manufacturer's name.

This pattern first appeared in the early 19th century in this characteristically 'geometric' style. The pattern has always been double-ended and mostly in 32-card format, usually without corner indices. It is still produced today by Piatnik of Vienna.

Right: four cards from the Vienna pattern, or Wiener Bild, printed from engraved plates by Titze & Schinkay, mid-19th century.

Below: ‘Schnapskarten Nr.1700’ made by Ferd Piatnik & Söhne, Vienna, 1978. 24 cards in box

Vienna pattern, or 'Wiener Bild' pack, manufactured by Mathias Koller, Vienna, c.1815

Above: cards from 32-card Vienna pattern, or "Wiener Bild" pack, manufactured by Mathias Koller, Vienna, c.1815.

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Above: the 'Prager' or 'Bohemian' pattern manufactured by Ferd Piatnik & Synové, Vienna, c.1995.

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