Candid Confessions

Candid Confessions was published by Jaques & Son, Ltd in c.1905. The cards are printed in colour and arranged in pairs, a question and answer... which must be correctly matched. The amusing illustrations no doubt gave rise to much laughter. Like the majority of Jaques’ indoor games, the game was instructive as well as fun to play, fostering the rules of good behaviour. However, in some Victorian homes children were not allowed toys on Sundays.

detail from “Candid Confessions” published by Jaques & Son, Ltd, c.1905
“Candid Confessions” published by Jaques & Son, Ltd, c.1905

Above: “Candid Confessions” card game published by Jaques & Son, Ltd, c.1905. Packs are produced with square corners and plain coloured backs inside a cardboard box. 60 cards.

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