Jacob Holmblad, 1820s

Jacob Holmblad produced various grades of fine and extra fine playing cards and tarots in his factory in Copenhagen, for sale at various prices. In this edition the designs are moving away from the traditional French style towards a Danish pattern. The Q♥ has a butterfly net in her hand in which she has caught four hearts. Many of Holmblad's designs were re-drawn, replaced or changed in different editions, but this particular card was not used again by Jacob Holmblad or his son. Similarly the Q♦, dressed for winter, was discarded. However, other figures (Q♣, J♠) re-appear in later, more refined versions by Lauritz P. Holmblad. The cards shown here appear to be produced in a lower grade of printing and quality which would have been sold at a lower price.

playing cards made by Jacob Holmblad, Copenhagen, 1820s

Above: playing cards made by Jacob Holmblad, Copenhagen, 1820s.


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All images courtesy K. Frank Jensen.

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