Fleet Street

“Fleet Street”

from an article by Rex Pitts



This popular card game probably sold very well when it was issued in around 1923 because there seem to still be plenty around today. I have been fascinated by the cards ever since my childhood as my parents had the game in the house when I was born. I spent many happy days laying out the cards and when I could read began to wonder what all the headlines were about. Most of the cards picture the newspapers’ billboards, but the magazines and some of the weeklies show the front covers of the publications. Chad Valley issued a second edition, I don’t know when, with just three changes to the cards and a new back design in yellow and red very similar to the back design for their Sparx card game but with a fan of Fleet Street cards and the name printed in a central circle. The reason for the change is hard to determine  read full article →

Fleet Street card game published by Chad Valley Games, c.1923

Above: “Fleet Street” card game published by Chad Valley Games, c.1923. Images courtesy Rex Pitts.

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