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Cádiz Type playing cards

View of the bay and port of Cádiz

Cádiz Type playing cards

Litografía Fabbri, Lima, Peru Segundo de Olea Juan Roura, Barcelona, c.1940
Anon c.1897 Los Leones, USA Mexico Naipes Cisne, El Salvador Perú

When the Real Fabrica's export monopoly came to an end in 1811, independent card makers, particularly those of Cádiz, saw an opportunity to fulfil the markets. Later, Belgian manufacturers also began competing in the market. A distinctive style of playing cards evolved which became familiar in the foreign destination countries, especially Mexico, South American countries and the Philippines. This is known as the "Cádiz" pattern or "Andalucian" type. (Click on the aces above to see examples)

Map of Southern Spain

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