Naipes Las Rosas by Vigor S.R.L., c.1959

Las Rosas playing cards by Vigor S.R.L.

VIGOR S.R.L. (1955-c.1975) manufactured a range of playing cards and card games, including "Chinita", "La Estrella", "Barcelonesa", "La Española", "Fantasio", "Las Rosas", "Pokerin", "Cartas Gitanas", and a Hungarian pack.

Naipes ‘Las Rosas’, by VIGOR S.R.L., c.1960. Brown or green backs, 52 cards + 2 jokers in box.

Naipes Las Rosas, manufactured by VIGOR S.R.L., c.1959

Above: aces of hearts and spades plus six court cards from Naipes 'Las Rosas' by Vigor S.R.L., c.1960. The ace of hearts has a green 'Marianne' tax stamp, which was in use at this time (until 1968). Although the tax band shown below has a 'Mercury' head, new ones with 'Marianne' heads on were being introduced around this time. Click on images to see more.

Below: 1 Peso orange tax band which is wrapped around the sealed pack, inside the box. The tax band reads "Decreto 18,235" which was in force between 1944-1964, the 1 Peso tax being applied to home-produced cards with French (Anglo-American) suit symbols.

1 Peso orange tax band
Naipes Las Rosas box, manufactured by VIGOR S.R.L., c.1959
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